luxe Concierge Care

Private & Personalized Post Op & Acute Care Transition


Luxe Concierge Care tends to your pre & post-operative and acute stay care needs so you can focus on stress-free healing and recovery.

We offer pre-op planning and coaching so when your big day arrives you’ll feel confident and prepared. After surgery, Luxe will safely and comfortably transport you to your home, hotel, or Airbnb. Our team of highly skilled and compassionate nurses prioritize your comfort and help optimize your surgical results by assisting in a safe transition home, assure medication is picked up & assisting with activities of daily living, and more! At Luxe, we believe you deserve private and personalized care that gives you complete peace of mind while you recover from surgery.


Your confidentiality is our priority. Luxe strictly adheres to HIPAA and uses encryption services to ensure your health information is always protected.


We support you throughout the entire surgical and post acute care process. Luxe translates medical terminology for you and coordinates with your surgery/ medical team to ensure you’re getting the best experience and results possible.


Enjoy stress-free healing and recovery. Stress, anxiety and worry can significantly slow your healing time, cause you more pain, and increase your risk of infection. Having a Luxe Concierge Care Nurse by your side can help reduce these undesirable outcomes.


Our nurses will offer superior care. Luxe Concierge Care nurses are highly skilled professionals who provide detailed, thorough, and compassionate one-on-one care. Our nurses have experience in some of the most challenging post-surgical specialities and will bring that level of expertise to you for the most optimal recovery possible.


What Clients Are Saying About Luxe
Dalena was very caring, detailed, and organized and has a great bedside manner.

Our Client

Dalena went above and beyond and was super helpful.

Our Client

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